Run, run as fast as you can!

…but you can probably catch me ’cause I ain’t that fast :\ I’ve never been a runner, never even felt the urge to jog because I didn’t see the appeal of it. I used to climb like crazy, and I still try to but it’s harder these days since I don’t live down the street from Rock Oasis anymore, and my climbing partners are all either injured or have moved :( That’s the one thing that sucks about climbing, you always need a belayer. And it’s way too cold to bike now, I used to use the trainer at home but not too often. So this time last year, I got a treadmill for myself :) I was only using it purely for exercising, only doing 5k in and around 30:00. Didn’t set any goals, just wanted to stay fit. But this summer, inspired by Avery’s crazy régime, I decided to give the outside world a running chance. I first started on the track so I could time and pace myself properly. It wasn’t too bad, as long as it wasn’t scorching hot. Then I started doing night runs with Avery while he biked alongside me (the speedometer helped too). The fastest I ran was 5k in 27:48, and that was back in the beginning of September. Then, because of the wedding, I barely did anything — I was uber busy and didn’t have any time to spare! I couldn’t climb either ’cause I was afraid I’d bruise myself. That wouldn’t look good walking down the aisle, especially since my dress was cut above the knees.

Sooo, that brings us to the past week. I started running again and last weekend I did 6.08k in 45:00, went slow and tried to get my groove back. Last night, I did 6.8k in 45:00, so I’m inching my way to building up confidence to run my first race next spring. I can run decently enough, but I want a good time. I guess this is the official start of my training, so we’ll see how it goes! Keep in mind I’m like 5′ tall so I have really short legs!!! :\


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