Running update

I never drank Gatorade before, but after tonight’s run I’m chugging it down like I’ve been in a desert for eons. As most of you know, I started running mid-January and I never EVER ran consistently before, I was an avid indoor rock climber and an amateur cyclist and that’s what I stuck to. But I’ve been inspired by my hubby, and after cheering him on at marathons and triathlons, I’ve decided to do a 5k in May. Now, I know that doesn’t seem like a big deal, heck, it isn’t… but for me (well, my body, I should say)… it is! I’m tiny, as in under 5 feet, tiny — hence, I have really short legs!

So far my PB for 5k has been 27:54 on the treadmill and 27:58 outside — YES, those few seconds matter! Seriously, they do, ask any athlete. I’m convinced I’m faster outside because without any training, that was my time outside last summer versus my treadmill time last week. And I’ve been killing myself on the treadmill so with the variations in inclines, energy boosts and temperatures/environments, I know I can do better on the road. But we shall see, maybe it’s all in my head and that’s the fastest I can go, haha.

Tonight, I hit another PB with my 10k mark at 59:25 (!!!) on the treadmill. I’m really hoping I can shave down a few more minutes but as of right now, I’ll take it! Just need to work on my endurance with the 10k, I probably won’t be racing that distance this year. Baby steps! Need to focus on my 5k first, hopefully will get it down to 25:00 by mid-March so by April I can aim for 24:00. The race I signed up for is the GoodLife run on May 15, so really as long as I’m under 27:00 I’ll be happy.

‘Til next time, I have to go pass out now. Happy short work-week!


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  1. jackie419

    hey! i finally figured out how to subscribe to blogs… using Google… anyway, i started writing again:

    you’re going to give me a new reason to procrastinate. :)

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