Thinking of Japan

I got a hold of one of my best friends in Japan this morning — incredibly glad he’s safe but it’s scarily worrisome to know it’s not over yet. Our mutual friend that’s also in the middle of it all has been giving us updates, and so far everyone’s ok. I almost feel guilty that I’m going to a bed and breakfast tomorrow while so much is happening right now, especially because two of my dearest friends had to walk 6 hours to get home yesterday and they have no idea what damage is still to come. Both say the aftershocks are intense, and everyone’s staying put with nothing else to do but to wait it out.

We can’t do much else here in Toronto but we can donate to the Red Cross to support relief efforts. Please click HERE for more info — I donated $50, every little bit helps.

Kentaro & Mark: Thinking of you two… Stay safe.



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2 responses to “Thinking of Japan

  1. jackie419

    Have funnnn!!! the Inn looks gorgeous. I know – the earthquake really worried me too.

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