Donate to the Red Cross to support relief efforts in Japan

I spoke with one of my best friends, Mark, from Japan for over two hours last weekend; a big relief he’s doing ok. The new issue of Maclean’s came in the mail today — looking through all of the photos from the wreck makes my hear sink. I felt like crying from glancing at the terrifying images. We were watching the news last night and the survivors are incredibly orderly and dealing with the situation in the most humanitary way possible. Everyone is lining up to make phone calls, to buy groceries, for gas… it’s amazing how sensible their cultural mannerisms is, and how different they are from us. Imagine how North America would react if it happened here, it would be complete chaos. Hell, did you see the insane Boxing Day videos at Wal-Mart? Imagine a natural disaster! It’s really encouraging and uplifting to see how everyone’s coming together like a community and helping out their fellow humans, ya know?

Kentaro, my other best friend in Japan, wrote out his experience with the earthquake on his blog HERE. Again, please donate what you can to the Red Cross.


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