Something happened today…

Ok, a couple of things have happened. I’ll rewind to Saturday morning…

I went to the Nike Store on Bloor and got a new pair of runners, the LunarEclipse. It’s a step up from the LunarGlides and after a few weeks of breaking them in, including two runs, it was obvious they weren’t fitting properly. But the new kicks have been fantastical! My girl, Sylvi, biked alongside me as I tested them out on a trail in our ‘hood and after 5.7k, they felt fine! Barely had to break them in. It was one of the most challenging runs I’ve had in a while, though: the phalanx* on my right foot was hurting, the trail was wet/muddy/icy at most parts, I had to dodge tons of kids/dogs, I was starting to get allergies AND I had to stop to stretch out cramps! Needless to say, I took the 30:46 with a smile (this includes the break to stretch my side cramps).

*Did you know phalanges is a real thing? I thought Phoebe just made it up!!! You learn something new everyday.

Then we walked the dogs at Ash Bridges since it was a gorgeous day. Bowser ate an apple core about 2 minutes into the path and did something he’s never done before — after swallowing the core, he gave us a stare and started laying down. I thought it was stuck in his throat because he wouldn’t have digested it yet to give him an upset stomach. He did it two more times and I was freaking out, but Sylvi kept me calm. He eventually threw it up, and thankfully was ok again. This dog is like Gumby! Phew, so after that we strolled along and the dogs were having a ball.

Going back a bit… after getting cramps just 25 minutes into a run, which has happened before, I asked Sylvi (who’s a Naturopathic doctor) to send me the nutritional handout she made for the Running Room. I read it and decided to change my diet this week to see if it’ll make a difference. I never paid much attention to what I eat before/after a run, but as of Monday morning I was extra cautious of all of my food choices, and ditto for today. Lo and behold, what a difference indeed!!! I haven’t had any coffee the past two days, I’ve been very generous with my portion sizes and haven’t indulged in any crazy desserts… and today on the track, I did 5.18k in 25:12!!! I still can’t believe it! I was so skeptical after, thinking I must’ve missed a kilometre or something, but if my PB was 26:00 last Friday, I guess this makes sense! I mapped out a route for tomorrow to see if I can get close to 26:00 since there’s lots of hills. But I definitely want to go back to the track to try a sub 25! :D Eating healthy… who would’ve thunk it?


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