Attention! I ran 5k in 24:30 today!!!

My ultimate PB unveiled itself this afternoon. Here’s how it unfolded:

Inspired by Avery to start running, I got a treadmill in early 2010 and used it when the weather was crappy out but I kept climbing, went to FG and bought a new road bike, so it wasn’t until this mid-January that I’ve been doing 3k, 5k and 10k consistently to train for the GoodLife Run on May 15. Signing up for races really puts your butt into high gear, it’s great motivation not to slack off. In my last entry, I explained my diet experiment for this week and by golly, this is proof it works!

I’ve only been running outside on the track this year in the last month or so, and since today was gorgeous, Avery (after running his 36k) was awesome enough to bike alongside me while I ran on my usual route from last summer. We forgot the mark of each kilometer so I had no idea what my pace was. Avery was on his street bike which doesn’t have the speedometer, and I don’t know why we always forget until 2 minutes into the run. I always think I’m slower when I don’t know my speed so maybe that’s a good thing ’cause I push myself a lot harder. I just have a regular sports watch with a timer so I knew when we were coming around our block, I had to suck it up and try to finish under 27:00. My legs were still exhausted from my run on Thursday and it was windy out so my breath was short and my lungs were filled with cold air. That last block was PAINFUL. But then I stopped my watch and the time was under 25:00, I couldn’t believe it!!! (I know, AGAIN!)

All this thanks to new shoes (which helps to a certain degree), eating ridiculously well and stretching like crazy before each run. No cramps today! I was struggling the last 0.5k before, but I blame that on the gigantic pulled pork sandwich I had for lunch and the 4 Nutter Butters I wolfed down after work. Hey, it was a long day and I deserved it, lol. Taking tomorrow off, and will probably only get a few chances to run after work this week since I’m offsite at a toy show :( Who would’ve thunk that the toy industry can be so stressful?! I got three grey hairs last week!

So this is evidence that if you train properly, you will get results. My first real run outside was in January 2009, it took me almost an hour to do 6k. Then I started to do 5k’s in 30:00 on the treadmill, but running on the road is a completely different experience. Persistence and discipline does wonders.

Side note: I love that cereal boxes have free coupons inside now. We collected freebies like movie tickets, bananas and frozen yogurt. Or maybe this just means we’re buying the adult kinds, lol.

‘Til next time, ciao :)


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One response to “Attention! I ran 5k in 24:30 today!!!

  1. Congratulations Queenie! I’m so sad that I can’t be there to join you on your exercise sprees. This is great news, and it definitely does show that there is no limit to things that we can try if we put our mind to it!

    I hope that you’re able to keep on overcoming the challenges you set for yourself! Keep at it!

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