5k, 25:00 in the blistering cold winds… I’ll take it!

Yea, it didn’t let up. In fact, I think Toronto got every type of weather possible yesterday. It was looking grim in the morning when it was spitting rain, but as Avery was about to do his 21k, it started to snow! When he came back it was sunny again, and just as I was going to put my running gear on, it started to hail!!! I opted for the treadmill because it was insane outside. Every 15 minutes was something different and unpredictable. A couple of hours later we needed to take the dogs out and of course it started to hail again. That was one of the worst walks we’ve ever been on, the poor pups’ faces were covered in wet snow :( Needless to say, we stayed home the rest of the day.

It’s annoying when my runs are dependent on the weather, but I’m doing my best to work around it. I’m always slower on the treadmill so I use it for endurance, and I time my real runs on sidewalks/trails. My wonderful hubby biked beside me while I did my usual 5k route around the neighbourhood. It was windy as hell and I was inhaling cold air the entire time. Despite panting the whole way, I still managed to come in at 25:00!!! I gladly take that with a smile because I was expecting 26-27 since I was running into the wind for a huge stretch.

Resting for the next two days but I’m looking forward to a few runs this long weekend. I only get Friday off whereas Avery gets to lounge at home on Monday too. But next week we’re off to Vancouver so I get a four-day work week too :)



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