My First Race!

The Low-Down:

  • 10am on Sunday May 15, 2011
  • GoodLife Toronto 5k
  • Weather: Windy, rainy, cold
  • Mood: Anxious, excited
  • Allergies: Not full-blown but had an effect on my energy

The Results:

  • Overall Place: 175/2135
  • Category Place (W 25-29): 13/274 (Top 4%!)
  • Gender Place: 37/1348
  • Chip Time → 25:37!

Let’s rewind a bit… if you’ve been following my updates, you’d know that I’ve starting running this year. Having only been a spectator at Avery’s marathons and triathlons, my hubby was my motivation to get involved as a participant. After seeing how gratifying the experience is for him (including the training), it’s hard to say no without trying. I’m a horrible swimmer so that leaves me with running and cycling (talk of duathlons in some years to come). I bought a road bike last year and I’m still rock climbing, but running is a whole new thing for me. You can read more about my progress HERE from over a month ago and HERE a few days after when I reached my sub 25 PB.

So, race day — my first ever. I was a wreck with pre-race jitters all week, Friday and Saturday being the worst. I was already getting nervous when I picked up my race kit at the expo. I was so wound up because I didn’t know what to expect: how I’d be feeling, how the crowd will be, if it was going to downpour as predicted, if I’d reach my goal etc. It was an entirely different experience the morning of, because Avery and I had our roles reversed! He was so great, stayed with me until there was 10 minutes left before the race started. I was worried about being stuck at the back of the pack because there was no one marshalling the latecomers and the 5k walkers were budding everyone in the front! This led to me going way too fast in the beginning, by the first marker I was at 4:24. And that was the last time I saw any more markers because they were all either hidden or didn’t exist. This totally messed up my pace.

With 1k left to go, I saw my amazing husband again, cheering me on and snapping photos. This helped a lot because the wind was brutal, going up that subtle steep stretch north on University was horrible! At 4k it was about 20:xx but I couldn’t hold on, I couldn’t push anymore and I was fading. I had a hard time keeping my hat on! But finally I reached the finish and it was such a satisfying feeling to slow down, lol. Hubby was right there after I got my medal (my first non-academic medal!) and I headed towards the food/water tents.

Met up with the crew after (Mike, Maya, Braden, Rob, Angela, her brother and his boyfriend) and we all scarfed down brunch at Fran’s. Too bad I didn’t see any of my friends finish the half, my race was starting at their 2-hour mark so everyone was already starting to roll in. Angela did amazing though, her first ever half and she did 1:51! Maya did a PB of 2:21, so I guess the chilly weather helps with long distances but for shorter ones, by the time you warm up the race is already done.

Overall, a great experience and I did have a lot of fun. I know 25:37 ain’t the best but being under 5 feet tall and for my first 5k race on a miserable day, I’ll take that with a smile :) Couldn’t have done this without my awesome friends and my dream hubby. Can’t wait for the next one in August!


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