Just another summer day

Looking back at my entries, I decided that I don’t post enough photos (probably because everything is updated on my personal Facebook page so it feels like I’ve already shared my albums). Ergo, voilà!

This morning, Avery and I both went for our long runs (of course, his was 20k and mine was only 7k). Then one of my oldest friends whom I’ve known since first grade came over for a visit with her husband and her adorable baby girl. I made my pork burgers again, they were even better this time ’cause I added barbecue sauce. There was so much left over I ended up making meatballs for lunch tomorrow. Then we headed to the beach with the pups!

Now we’re heading out to watch Horrible Bosses — supposed to be Bridesmaids/Hangover funny… we shall see! Ciao for now :)

*Edit @ 11:45pm — Horrible Bosses is hilarious! Definitely lawled throughout the flick. Go see it!


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