Food + Sloan

Who doesn’t love Fridays? The weather in Toronto was bearable for once, and I felt a sense of serenity within downtown — or maybe that was just me. This is going to be a major food post, by the way.

My coworkers and I had lunch at The Counter, and I that’s the last time I’m ordering their sandwiches. It’s really greasy and overpriced (average is $12.50, after tax + tip that’s $16 for a sammy with one side), I should opt for their big salads next time.

After work, I met up with my brother, toured The Grid‘s office and headed to Porchetta & Co. (yes, more sandwiches!). This, needless to say, was 100% better than what I ate for lunch. The meat was cooked perfectly and the sandwich was oozing with goodness. It paired great with sugar cane juice too. Read Karon’s Review from Eye Weekly HERE. For our sides, we had yellow watermelon!!! Had no idea this existed, it’s rare but rumor has it you can find them at T&T. I’ll let you know next time I go (probably tomorrow). It was sweet and juicy, simply delicious.

Then we visited Ben at Monforte for some water buffalo ice cream! It was full of richness and flavourful, reminded me of Häagen-Dazs. I also met Lesley from OMG Backed Goodness next door, and even though I was completely stuffed by then, I tried the carrot cupcake and it was awesome — there’s always room for dessert.

I said it once and I’ll say it again, it really is handy when your brother is a food writer; every place we go to, he knows the owners.

We then walked off our fatty indulgences by heading towards Ontario Place. We met up with Avery to see the free Sloan show at Echo Beach. We caught a bit of Modern Superstitions (no idea who they are) and didn’t have to wait too too long for the main act. I’m not a Sloan fan, but Avery likes them and was singing his heart out! The show, I gotta say, was really good, despite not liking most of the songs :P Below is a link to some photos Karon took:

Sloan-ed by Karon Liu

Today, we’re going to explore Taste of the Danforth before we take the pups to the beach. If Avery and I are missing camp, they must be going through some major French River withdrawl!

Ciao :)


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