Pre-race jitters, again!

There’s nothing more relaxing than sitting on a swinging chair in your back deck, listening to the birds chirping while you’re blogging away on a sunny day (oh, and with two big golden retrievers sleeping by your feet too). So then why do I have butterflies in my stomach? Pre-race jitters! I always get them before the weekend of every race. Sunday is Toronto’s Acura 10-Miler and 5k starting at 8:30am in the Distillery District. We’ll be going back to our wedding venue which is a treat, and a bunch of our friends are running too so the plan is to have brunch after.

Running in the summer absolutely sucks. The heat and humidity is daunting, and it’s hard to reach PB’s — at least for me. For the simple reason that this weather is why there aren’t a lot of marathons in the summer speaks volumes. Nonetheless, training is essential year-round, and alas, I will be doing an easy 4k after I finish this post. Because I’ve been running so darn much, I haven’t climbed or cycled in months. I haven’t gone to Flirty Girl since last year. It’s like a crazy addiction that I can’t shake off. I know it’s the competitiveness inside me that causes it, because I’ve never entered any climbing/cycling contests, but running with a timing chip makes it so much more intense.

To calm my nerves, I’m seeing Billy Elliot with my mom tomorrow afternoon. We have kickass seats, smack in the middle of the orchestra. I’ve been wanting to go for a while and it’s received rave reviews.

Ok, time for a one last run. Eeep!

Second race together!


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