Acura 10-miler and 5k Race

The results are in and I’m annoyed! The course was actually 5.08k which added an extra 28 seconds to my chip time. Argh!

  • Overall Place: 188/603
  • Category Place (W 25-29): 12/70*
  • Gender Place: 60/348*
  • Chip Time → 27:05
  • Real Time → 26:40
*Hubby says I placed really well, so I’ll take his word for it.

Now that I have a GPS watch, it’s been great to be able to track my splits, but that doesn’t make running in the summer any easier. Didn’t help that the humidity was at a high 80% either. I started the first kilometer where I wanted to be, just below 5:00, then I got slower and slower and by the last kilometer I couldn’t push any harder. My watch beeped at 5k before I turned the last corner which surprised me, that extra stretch makes a difference! Anyway, considering my real time is around where I thought I’d finish, I’ll get over it.

I’m not a fan of this 5k route, it’s boring (not scenic at all, the 10-milers enjoyed the Spit, at least), the roads are uneven and the last kilometer never seems to end. It was a pain in the ass trying to get out of the crowds in the beginning too. I don’t think I’ll do this race again, my pace was all off; it’s weird for Avery too because this is the third time he’s done it and his time’s increase each year. Maybe I’ll sign up for the Toronto Women’s 10k and 5k next August since it’s close to home, similar to Dawn at the Don (which I will skip next year too, racing in July is torture).

Since this is my rookie year to start all this running madness, I’m learning all the aspects of racing and realizing how there are so many factors that can positively and negatively affect what you’ve been training for all year-round (RE: “The Combo“). I’ll have to choose my races wisely next season.

Congrats to Mike, Maya and Gina for finishing 16.1k!
And, of course, Avery always gets a special shout-out: 10 miles in 1:03:35! :)

Avery’s 10 mile medal & my (smaller, more compact) 5k medal. I really have to work up my distances if I want better medals, lol.

Hubby + Wifey, post-race. It’s like our wedding shoot all over again! Love the Distillery :)

Now, off to a much needed meat-filled BBQ at my parentals’. I’ll review Billy Elliot in another entry (it was amazing!).


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