Heart-Felt Thank Yous from Canopy

“Thank you very much Queenie for your active participation and hardworking with Canopy Organization. Much respect to those who participated fully to make this campaign successfully. Nothing we can compensate for your kindness but God will pay you more. I salute everyone.”
– Francis Mwangenga, Program Coordinator, Canopy

That made my heart smile :)

The Mother’s Day Campaign with Canopy continues to prove a huge success and I cannot be more thankful for their appreciation. I hope to collaborate with the team again soon, it was a great experience and I want to contribute by creating more fundraisers for several occasions to come. Many thanks again to everyone that participated and purchased a card to support this amazing cause. Within a short amount of time, we raised additional funds to help the after-school education program at the Kurasini Children’s Home, which is one step closer to achieving Canopy’s mission:

… to improve the academic achievement of orphans attending secondary school in Tanzania so they have a better chance of leading a secure life and contributing to the country’s economic productivity and social development.”


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