Is there ever such a thing as too much ice cream? YES.

First, let me recap Billy Elliot — it is cleverly written into a Broadway show and the storyline is true to the movie. I have to admit I did enjoy the film better, but only because I already had preconceived expectations of what should unfold on stage. All things considered, the musical is entertaining and I, along with the entire audience, gave a standing ovation at the end. That little boy can DANCE! The whole cast are dancers but this 12 year old boy is overwhelmingly impressive. My mom and I cried a handful of times too, there are a lot of added emotional parts that isn’t in the movie which I think is a great idea to give the show some originality and differentiation.

Circling back to this afternoon, we went to the Maple Leaf Dairy Ice Cream Factory and I swear the scoops get bigger each time we visit. Not even exaggerating, ONE SINGLE SCOOP IS BIGGER THAN BOTH OF MY FISTS. I wish I brought my camera to show you, but we were on our way back from groceries and decided to go last minute. They have tons of flavours including frogurt and sorbet, and it’s super cheap; that ginormous scoop (in a cup or on a cone) is only $3.00! It’s yummerlicious and if you ever want to get rid of an ice cream craving, go here and you’ll be satisfied for weeks. I had the banana flavour and Avery had pralines and cream, but he had to finish mine because it was just too much! As good as it was, it was ice cream overload. Next time, we’re sharing a cup. But after this, I don’t think I’ll be eating any more heavy desserts ’til after my race in September.



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