My 1st Running Season Comes to an End

This morning, I finished my fourth race, EVER! Avery earned some major points for being my pace bunny. I ran the tune-up back in late August and I knew the 3rd and 4th k were going to be hard. Going uphill on Avenue Road is a damn struggle (for me, anyway). And as predicted, my pace fell way over and I was lagging, this was when I felt knots in my stomach and wanted to stop. I got cramps and didn’t think I’d last another second. But alas, hubby carried me through and I managed to cross the finish at 26:19. I was hoping/aiming for a sub 26 but after almost hurling on the kid that handed me my medal, I’ll take the time, lol. I definitely have a bug, I was feeling crappy all of yesterday. Betcha can’t tell by my smile!

Jackie (her first race!), Me and Avery

So, my 2011 results!

It baffles me that my best time is my first race. I’ve had better practice runs, but I now know summer running should definitely be in its own category. The humidity this year was grueling to the point where my pace was sometimes a minute slower than in the spring.

One more thing that I must add to “The Combo” is the RACE ROUTE. This goes hand-in-hand with weather, because if there’s gusts of wind blowing in your face while you’re trying to run on anything with elevation, you’re screwed. Today’s course was actually pretty good, I’m surprised the traffic cops were on the ball with every major intersection and cars/pedestrians didn’t seem completely pissed off. I would do this race again; look at the pretty girly prize!

I’ve learned a lot from running, believe it or not. Most importantly, to not compare myself to others. I always thought my times could be better and it’s true, they could, but I damn well give it my all during races, and that’s all I can do. There’s so many aspects to having a great run, and the combination of various elements makes all the difference: Weather, Race Route, Training and Nutrition (there’s several others such as your physical structure, your mood on race day etc, but I think these four are the main ones). All in all, I’m really glad my hubby introduced me to the world of running and I hope to do longer distances next year. I’ve been working on my 10k’s and so far my best is 55:50 in a training run and I know I can knock off a minute or so.

Now, I can start climbing again. I’ve been so obsessed with running, I haven’t been to TCA in months. I haven’t used my Flirty Girl membership either, oops. It’s my birthday weekend this upcoming Saturday, then my actual birthday is next Wednesday so I intend on eating a whole crap ton of junk. We’re in Chicago in October for Avery’s marathon and our first wedding anniversary, so we’re starting to map out our schedule in the Windy City. Deep pan pizza galore!

I’m going to nap… ’til next time!


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3 responses to “My 1st Running Season Comes to an End

  1. Jackie

    yes. i love fall running. it’s hard to believe that i started in December last year… so i think i’m more used to lungs burning coz of cold air. it’ll be fun :)

  2. Jackie

    I love the medal too! it was a fun race. i am so glad that i started running. today’s weather was really similar to the Vancouver winter weather I was running in for most of this year. but I cramped up at the 3.5K mark :( I’m gonna start training to run 10K’s soon too…

    • Running is damn hard, especially if it doesn’t come naturally, but it’s definitely addictive! I didn’t even see any markers but was listening to the beeps of Avery’s watch, lol. When we’re both back from our trips, we can run to the end of the boardwalk at the beach from my place and back, it’s exactly 10k :)

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