The highly anticipated Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon + Half-Marathon & 5k was this past weekend. Avery and I were on the sidelines cheering on our friends running the 5k in support of the Geneva Centre (read more in my previous post here). Look at how much fun everyone’s having! I took this at Bay/Wellington about 200m from the finish.

Team Family Guy in matching red shirts: (L-R) Mike, Braden, Rachel, Angela

It was an exciting day for Braden because not only did he run a PB of 28:30, it was also his seventeenth birthday!

On a darker note, before the 5k-ers started, the half-marathoners were coming in and while waiting for Maya, Avery and I, unfortunately, witnessed the 27-year-old runner collapse on course right in front of us. It was a scary. He passed out on the sidewalk and it took a full 10 minutes for the ambulance to arrive, meanwhile spectators had to cover him with a blanket and perform CPR. He was completely unresponsive and we could tell he was gone before they put him on the stretcher, the paramedics didn’t even put the siren on when they drove through the oncoming runners to take him to the hospital. The crowd was frustrated at the lack of medical attention just short of the finish line, by the time the volunteers took notice, they flagged down some cops but the radio signals were all crossed so they couldn’t get a hold of any medics. Avery emailed Alan Brookes, founder of the Canadian Running Series and the head organizer of the race, but we haven’t received any replies yet. Even though the bag check was a complete nightmare (some people waited over an hour to get their belongings, read about there here), this is much more important issue that I hope will not be overlooked.

UPDATE: October 22, 2011

Here is an article from the Toronto Star about the runner, Kale Garner. Cause of death is still unknown, and despite reports of help being on scene right away being completely false, it’s worth a read. Link HERE. Avery and I found out he’s a friend of someone we know; the entire situation is still a shock to us.


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