Well, you know my name is Queenie and I like to do drawerings.

As I mentioned in my previous post, my mat leave replacement starts on Monday so I decided to give her my desk rather than have her settle elsewhere just to move everything to my space in a month. I cleaned out my drawers, tidied and gathered my things to a temporary desk we usually save for freelancers. All of my physical files are now compacted into a little portable cabinet. Albeit leaving a collection of toys on the shelf, I did a pretty good job prepping the area so she can make it her own. I was kind of taken aback when I looked at my desk after. I remember the first day I started as a freelancer, a week later I accepted a one-year contract, then I was offered a full-time position… that was four years ago. I never thought I’d be working at the head office of a toy company in my professional career — I have to admit, it’s quite the dream come true. Actually, if it weren’t for my card business, I wouldn’t have had my lucky break. I submitted my resume on the company website and HR took note of queenie’s cards and that’s what prompted “the call.” I was thrilled that my work spoke for itself. My now colleagues flipped through my portfolio at my initial interview and, apparently, also saw the potential to mould me into shape, and that was that!

Even though my focus has shifted a tiny bit from my cards lately (being pregnant is a totally legit excuse!), I’m so glad I kept it going all these years because I love having my own side business. It’s a creative escape for me and I even make a little profit doing it. Plus, it also saves me time and money at Hallmark at least 10 times each year.

My bottom line is that your hobbies and personal interests are important. Don’t give it up because you think it won’t come to anything. There’s always the issue with not having the time, but it isn’t a chore and shouldn’t seem like one. If you like it enough you will make time. I was unhappy with my previous job and art was the one constant interest I’ve always had, so I pursued it and I’m fortunate that it led me down this path. Even if it doesn’t amount to anything, it doesn’t matter because you’re doing what you love. Be it something artsy, a sport, cooking, or collecting cookie jars (Victor Nightingale, anyone? Fine, he had to get rid of it but he was the Collector of the Year and he was happy!)…

Who knows where your hobby might lead you?


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