I’ve been writing a lot but figured I won’t have this much free time for the next decade, so sorry if this is too much reading as of late.

At first I didn’t want to ever repeat this story and wanted to erase it from my memory, but now that I’ve calmed down, I am trying to see the humour in this fiasco and decided if I can help at least one person (especially a fellow mom-to-be) be aware and not go through the ordeal I experienced, it’s worth it. So, here goes… this was my morning today:

I was about to leave for work and one of the smoke detectors started beeping which means the batteries are low. Ok, no big deal. I tried taking it off the wall but it’s hard-wired so I didn’t want to pull it off and make the noise worse, and I was scared it would shock me. I fiddled around with it in every which way to try to get it to shut up, meanwhile the dogs are not having any of this which made me even more tense because they were pacing and barking. I called hubby but he was in a meeting and couldn’t talk. I called the manufacturer and the number wasn’t in service, I tried both of my neighbours but they’re all at work. I then searched for a local handyman on Craigslist and was on the phone with a guy that wouldn’t come for less than $60, which was fine but I didn’t have cash on me and I didn’t want to leave the dogs while I went to the bank, but he walked me through what he thought was the problem over the phone.

He told me to turn off the power from the circuit control and I did, but not before I broke a huge frame in the basement so GLASS SHATTERED all over the carpet. I almost fell while trying to turn off all the switches on the panel too ’cause I lost my balance, tripped on the wires and almost broke the flat screen TV. At this point, an hour already passed and the beeping still wouldn’t stop so I started to freak out and cry. The guy on the phone asked why I was crying, I told him it’s the hormones from being 8+ months pregnant so he probably thought I was going into labour and I had to convince him I was ok. He wanted to try calling the manufacturer again and said he’d call me back.

Meanwhile, I Googled a hundred more useless videos and went on a bunch of sites again, then decided that it must be another alarm that’s setting the noise off so I went through all of the smoke detectors in the house and FINALLY found the one with the low battery, but not before almost falling down a flight of stairs because I had to stand on a chair to reach the bloody thing and it’s right at the top of the second floor.

Dude called back and I told him it was another alarm that was going off so I replaced the batteries and the horrid beeping stopped, and he seemed more relieved than I was because he really wanted to help but couldn’t do much more over the phone, especially with me crying hysterically. The alarm that was flashing red which I thought was the problem in the first place turns out to be a carbon monoxide detector, which I knew about but is labelled “smoke detector” so what the heck! It’s now hanging by its wires on the wall, waiting for Avery to deal with it.

The guy on the phone was my savior, if it wasn’t for him my next resort would’ve probably been 911, lol. He refused to accept any money and wished me luck on my delivery and said as long as I have a healthy baby that was all that mattered. But I kept insisting on sending him a cheque so he finally gave me his address to stop me from bawling again. For those in the Toronto area, my rescuer is Mr. Fix It, (416) 977-1978.

All this because 3 AA batteries needed replacing. They don’t kid around when they say your hormones will go haywire when you’re pregnant. Any other day I would’ve figured this whole thing out in minutes WITHOUT tears. This morning was quite a scene I never thought I’d see myself in. I’m sure I’ll find this to be hilarious a few weeks down the road. Also, I clearly did not go into work today.

Change the batteries in your smoke alarms, people.



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