That’s One Big Honkin’ Medal

I couldn’t believe how ridiculous this was until I saw hubby with it.

Avery’s PB Prize

Races were all the buzz on Sunday May 6th; along with the Mississauga Marathon, the GoodLife Fitness Toronto Marathon was the spotlight for thousands of runners and spectators. The full, half, 5k and relay all took place yesterday for Toronto while Mississauga split theirs over the weekend. I did the Toronto 5k last year (my first race!) and luckily for me, it was a lot more organized compared to this year. Apparently there were issues with marshals and markers throughout all of the routes, and the website lacked a lot of key info this time around — like shuttle buses and COURSE MAPS!!!

As you can also see from the photo above, the full marathon finisher’s medal is stupidly large (about the size of an appetizer plate) and Avery looks like Flava Flav when he had it around his neck. I don’t know about you, but the size of the medal has no affect on me, rather the design is more important. Clearly, someone didn’t think the same and more money was spent on this than water supply and cones at the finish.

There were way too many puppies on the sidelines too. They were all panting like crazy and I guess new dog owners don’t realize they should always bring water bottles for the poor little things! I almost went to grab water for a couple of labs that were melting on the road but I couldn’t get past the other side of the fence. Sigh.

So the highlight was of course hubby doing a PB of 2:50:39! I’m so proud of him! It was super hot right into the afternoon, the sun was blazing fiercely and everyone seemed to have stripped down by the 25k mark. Everyone we knew that ran did amazing, we all met up after and had a great post-race lunch in Liberty Village.

Annnd being 9 months pregnant, I haven’t been able to run since last fall. I’m super uber envious of all runners right now and can’t wait to get back into my exercise routines. It’s funny because I haven’t missed rock climbing or cycling as much as I do running. Probably because it’s still new to me and I only started last year. Just when I was getting into it and figuring out my training schedules, I had to stop. Hmph. My last good run was a casual 10k in 55:50 so I’m hoping by next year’s Yonge Street 10k I can do a sub 55 to start. Then time permitting, I really want to train for a half and eventually do a full in the next few years.  I have my eye on the San Francisco Nike Women’s Marathon (NMW 26.2). Not only do I love SF, but did you know the finisher’s medal is a Tiffany and Co. necklace? Uh, yes please! My friend Jackie and I talked about it at dinner a few weeks ago and we want to join a group for the lottery entry. Anybody in?



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3 responses to “That’s One Big Honkin’ Medal

  1. Jackie

    Yay to San Fran! I haven’t run in 2 weeks and now I have a scraped knee. Hopefully, I can still do the 10K on Sunday

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