My 1st Post-Baby Race!

The B&O Yorkville Run: Well, it was tiring and much harder than I thought it would be. Last year my time for this 5k was 26:19, not my best but I had just found out I was pregnant two days before and almost threw up on a kid at the finish. This year, 17 weeks after I had Madeline, with just 12 training runs in a span of 2 months, I did 31:24! I haven’t been able to do a sub 32 in my practice runs so I was aiming for a 32-34. You can imagine how super excited I was to come in when I did! The clock is always deceiving as you’re speeding to cross the finish because my chip time is usually 10-30 seconds faster. It wasn’t until Avery reminded me when I caught up with him at the end that I realized seeing 32+ on the clock meant I did under that! Yes, still have the baby brain, lol. The course route threw everyone off too because every watch beeped 100 metres before the finish (ugh, hate that!!!).

I ran with one of my bestest girlfriends, Angela. It was her birthday but despite only getting an hour’s sleep and having a hangover from the night before, she ran alongside me and helped me get my awesome time! I love this gal! There is no doubt I would’ve slowed down if she wasn’t encouraging me the entire way. Here we are post-race with our pretty pink cherry blossom tree medals, free food and swag:

Me and Ange, chomping on post-race cookies

Pregnancy and having a baby changes almost everything in your life. Emotionally, physically, mentally, and everything in between. I still have the last 10lbs to lose and I’m in my worst shape ever, so being 5-6 minutes slower than my usual time is fine by me. But it’s hard to believe my PB is a whopping 7 minutes faster than what I ran yesterday. I don’t know how I was able to run that much faster before. Hopefully by the time I do another race I’ll be back to my old self. Avery and I both want to do a 10k next spring but we have to do separate races so one of us can take care of Madeline. My work usually sponsors Sporting Life which is perfect because I want to watch all the elites run Yonge Street.

Now that this race is over, it has filled my urge to get back into the game until said race next year. I think I’m over 5k’s, they’re overcrowded and the first 2 minutes are wasted dodging walkers and kids that selfishly or unknowingly started at the front. Then my pace is off and there’s hardly any time to recover. But my best 10k training run last year was just under 56 so I think I can do distance over speed. We shall see!

Have a great week, y’all!



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18 responses to “My 1st Post-Baby Race!

  1. Laura @ Mommy Run Fast

    Pregnancy and a new baby absolutely changes everything! Sorry I never responded to your comment… I was gone that weekend and never really caught up. But congrats on your race!!

  2. Congrats on getting back into your workout! Man, I remember taking up a friend’s offer to do a cross fit class with him four months post-delivery. I was sooo out of shape, I had to sit it out after a few minutes because I was ready to hurl from exhaustion if I had kept going lol. I of course tried to make excuses, “Oh, I just had a baby,” and the front desk guy said, “Oh, so did another member! Her baby is two months old now!” And I’m sitting here going, “Wow, I’m so not fit” lol!

    • Thank you! Though, as I shamefully admit in my most recent post, I haven’t run since this race :( The weather’s getting cooler and Madeline decided she doesn’t like sleeping anymore. I know, excuses, excuses.

      Cross fit is pretty hardcore so I hope you weren’t too upset after that workout! I probably wouldn’t have lasted past the warm-up even before I was pregnant, lol.

      Congratulations on your exciting news again!!! I look forward to reading about your journey to be a mother of THREE! Has it sunken in yet? :)

  3. oopsie23

    Adorable! And congrats!!!

  4. Way to go on your post baby race!!!! You will get back to your pre-race speed – it will just take more work!!! Way to go and keep it up!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!! GO MOMMY!!

    • Wow, thank you so much for your enthusiastic words! It’s motivating me to get back out there already! :) I’m hopping over to your blog now!

      • I had a daughter 14 months ago, had some tailbone issues at birth, so It has taken me a bit longer than I had wanted to get “back”, but I am working at it! I will be following your blog, looking forward to seeing your success!

        • The fact that you’re working at it is awesome! I’m reading your blog right now, your daughter is beautiful :)

          • Thank you – having a little girl is SO MUCH fun, isn’t it!!!

            • Yes! I love having a little girl! I’ve been looking forward to fall fashion for Madeline all summer, lol. Where do you usually shop for baby clothes?

              • Well my FAVORITE places are H&M and Zara {We don’t have a Zara in Washington, so I have to stock up when I travel!} I guess I am a bit snotty when it comes to kids close as far as, I really don’t like all the character clothes. I like to have things that are a bit more unique. However I also LOVE a good deal so I like to look for sales. Nordstrom Anniversary sale is my favorite place to stock up on fall clothes at a good price.
                Where do you like to shop?

                • I haven’t tried Zara yet! They’re all over Toronto so I will definitely check it out soon. I love Nordstrom, will have to try my luck when I visit the US every time from now on! I just went on their site and I’m loving all the Burberry dresses but my husband would shun me if I spend that kind of money, lol. Thanks for your recommendations!

                  I’ve only really shopped at Carter’s/Osh Kosh but now that my daughter is starting to outgrow onesies I want to search for more girly clothes since she’s still bald and strangers thinks she’s a boy, despite all the pink!

  5. Congrats on your first post-baby race! My little one is almost 7 months old and I am still trying to get back to the starting line ;)

  6. Congrats on getting back in the game! I am envious of your motivation – I have yet to get my running shoes back on.

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