Pop-Up Danforth

Have you ever seen empty storefronts temporarily taken over by various types of shops and studios? I wasn’t aware of what pop-ups were until fairly recently, and am thrilled they’ve shown up on the Danforth! This makes afternoon strolls in the hood with a sleeping baby more eventful, and it’s great for the growing community as well.

My favourite shop is Len, they’re right up the street from my house and it’s hard not to go in whenever I pass by this place. Last week, I splurged and treated myself to some luxurious Canadian-made hand/body lotion in a beautiful glass bottle (Lucia, lindseed flower and goat milk scent) and a bar of mandarin scented French soap.

If I wasn’t on EI right now, I would’ve cleared the shelves. David, one of the owners, is really helpful and incredibly friendly as well, which makes each visit worthwhile and satisfying. I’m hoping they’ll stick around, I think they’ll have plenty of business with so much foot traffic in the area.

Shop local, ya’ll!

*For more info and detailed explanations about pop-ups, click here, and there’s also a community blog I follow, here.


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