1st Race of 2013 (2nd Post-Baby Race)!

I must take a few minutes to write this update before I forget the feeling of pure excitement and joy after today’s Around the Bay race.

As you may remember, my first post-baby race took place last September. I didn’t run for the remainder of 2012 and starting again in January, I’ve only had 4 training runs on the treadmill and 1.5 practice runs outside (I say 1.5 because one was a 5k and the half was a 3k warm up). This is a horrible training routine (if you could even call it that, and even if just for a 5k). Madeline was only 4 months old when I raced last fall and at that point I was happy just to cross the finish because the whole new-mom thing was taking up all of my energy and I was sure I was going to struggle (which I did). Today, Madeline is 10.5 months old and she hasn’t been sleeping well at night so I’m more tired now than I ever was, hence the lack of training. My best 5k run on the treadmill was 37:38 and the only 5k run I did outside was 33:08, which just reiterates how deceiving treadmill times can be. So, because I haven’t practiced in any chilly temperatures yet, I was expecting (and secretly hoping) to come out with a sub 35 and just call it a day. I also kept complaining to hubby that there should be a place for people to add comments next to your times to explain WTF happened (ie. “My time jumped up 6 minutes because I HAD A BABY 4 MONTHS AGO!!! — something like that).

Wifey & Hubby, pre-race

Avery and one of our good friends was running the full 30k while my cousin and I did the 5k. Cousin Eric and I were at the start and I was starving, I only had a banana before we left the house and a few almonds while waiting in the coliseum because I never eat a lot before running, but next time I’m bringing snacks! It was FREEZING this morning, but I didn’t want to get stuck in the back of the crowds so we waited outside for 15 minutes before gun time. Then, we were off! I don’t know if it was because my legs were already frozen by then and I couldn’t feel them, or if I had runner’s high, but I was pacing under 6:00 for the first 2k!!! I started to lag a bit at 3k, then at 4k a tiny hill slowed me down to 6:04, and I couldn’t hold on for the last stretch. But I finished with a shocking 30:47!!! I was expecting maybe a sub 33 but this is a crazy surprise for me (and hubby!). The course was fantastic, only a bit hilly but completely manageable and flat the rest of the way with even a few dips, the weather couldn’t have been better and the crowd was good, despite the always annoying walkers in front of you — there’s never enough marshaling for this and it pisses everyone off. I had to swerve around strollers and walkers 500 meters in! UGH. But after the 1k it’s usually clear. I was just so happy to be racing again! I think I was smiling at one point! It’s such an incredible feeling to run through the streets and be a part of such a great community of people.

Cousin Eric rocked a solid 23:34 for his first race and he’s now addicted :) Here we are with our medals:

Cousins after finishing Around the Bay 5k

Hubby finished with an amazing 1:55:17 and received a gold medal, and our friend Mike did a sub 2:30 to get the silver medal! 30k is damn impressive… I’ll aiming for a half next year first. All in all, I would highly recommend this 5k race to anyone starting out, or if you want an easy 5k. It’s fairly scenic and there’s lots of spectators along the route. Plus, you can wait inside before the race starts and you finish inside the same building! I can’t think of any other race that has this. This was the best kick-start to the new 2013 running season I could ask for, you know, post-baby and all :) See you at the Yonge Street 10k in 4 weeks! (YIKES)


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