Baby cookies

Delicious and nutritious homemade cookies from Uncle Karon!

Things I did not have when I was a baby: stroller, car seat, and I’m pretty sure none of my relatives made me teething cookies. But when my sister asked to make her daughter an alternative to arrowroot cookies, I obliged because it was a Sunday and I had nothing else to do. I found this recipe for pretty tasty “Oat & ‘Naner Drops” (chewy banana-oat cookies) that also appealed to adults (vegan to boot).

There’s no sugar (save fruit sugar), eggs, dairy, or wheat (but don’t eat if you have a gluten allergy) plus they only take 10 minutes to bake and does not need a stand mixer.

The recipe works quite well. The only thing I changed is that I didn’t add any oil (if the bananas are super-ripe they’ll add enough moisture to the dough) and I cut down the baking time to 10 minutes so that…

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