My Running Saga Continues…

This photo made me laugh:

The Yonge Street 10k is one week from now! I’m really excited for this one because it’s my first 10k race, and my training’s been going really well. I haven’t run this distance since the summer of 2011 so getting back into it has been challenging, but very rewarding. This is a very popular run so I know a lot of people that are signed up — I hope race day will be good to me!

Running twice the distance than what I’m used to has been doing wonders for my 5k times. Today, I did 5k in 30:27 which is faster than my time for Around the Bay and I still had it in me to keep going to double that! I was shocked when I realized I should’ve been doing this eons ago! And running a new distance means as long as I finish, it will be a PR (yes, I’m looking at it that way, lol), so I’m trying not to worry about my time and concentrate on my technique instead. One of my best girlfriends and I have been going through a lot of changes this past year and a bit, what with me being pregnant and her being injured. We are both really competitive, especially with ourselves. We want to beat our previous results, and we want to do better than other runners… which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it is when your body isn’t ready for such wars! We are both going into this race with a light attitude and our goal is to just cross the finish and not worry about what the watch is telling us. With that said, I’m sure we will try our best (of course), but it’s more fun when you’re not stressing about keeping a pace or hitting any split goals.

More later! Thanks for catching up!


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