Those Darn Ducks…

This has been stuck in my head for WEEKS. Thanks, baby girl, I hum everything I do to this tune now.

♬ Elmo had four ducks… four birds of a feather ♬

  • Mommy wants some chips… some chips from the cupboard.
  • I should go nap… before I make dinner.
  • Daddy is at work… he’ll play with you later.

Get out, get out, get out!



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4 responses to “Those Darn Ducks…

  1. You know you’re a mom when you’ve got kid songs stuck in your head and… lord help you… you even sing it when no kids are around lol. I’ve been singing “Do your ears hang low” to myself while the babies were napping, ugh!

  2. TheELMLife

    Don’t forget: “Mommy wants a drink… something with booze”, lol.

    Why are kids’ songs so darn catchy? YouTube anything by Bobs & Lolo (although “The Right Track” is my personal favourite). You can thank me later :)

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