Hipster run-off

Warning: Selfies and no mention of food/recipes ahead
If you ever wanted to experience Holi, the Hindu springtime festival of colours, but 1) Cannot make it to Gujarat 2) Would like to do some light jogging against an EDM backdrop and 3) Pay $45 to get in but realize upon arrival that you could have easily just snuck in for free, then surely you’ll be up for Color Me Rad.

It’s a fun-run that takes you five kilometres around Downsview Park where every few hundred metres volunteers either throw coloured cornstarch at you or hose you down with dye.

These kind of runs are for non-athletes who aren’t going to be training for an actual 10K or marathon where most of the runners are in it to win (there are no time chips or medals at Color Me Rad) or those uber-bro Spartan/Warrior/Elite/Titan races where they make you crawl…

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