A peek at who we will be mingling with…

Click for a better view!

I am beyond excited. I’m also scared and a complete nervous wreck… but in a good way :) The cards were evaluated by a judging panel after submitting my application and after some waiting, I was officially accepted and was offered the booth space! queenie’s cards will be a part of the brand spankin’ new “#fresh” section, here is the description from the official site:

#fresh is the newest destination at the National Stationery Show. Conceived for buyers hunting for cool, cutting-edge stationery and lifestyle products created by young emerging designers, it’s where trend-savvy retailers will discover the originality and authenticity your products represent, and where you will make the personal connections to take your business to a higher level.

What great timing! It was meant to be! I never thought my first show would be THE show. I’m frantically looking into flights, hotels and researching booth display options. I have to design a lot more cards too, maybe even try making more products for the line — I’m thinking notebooks!

I will have a lot more updates as my adventure continues. Stay tuned! :)



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2 responses to “#fresh

  1. Congrats Queenie! I actually tried selling handmade cards in the past, so I am so jealous (in a good way!) to see you getting your thing on! Wishing you lots of luck!

    • Thanks, Nina! It’s a lot of work and I’m not even close to where I’d like my business to be, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed this show will get me leads on pursuing my dream!

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