It’s no secret that I love Hanson. Since 1997, I’ve been to over a dozen shows, bought a lot of merch, and I continue to love them as much as I did when I was 14 years old. It’s funny because my all-time favourite bands are Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Collective Soul and Incubus (well, vintage Incubus, anyway), but Hanson has been the one consistent artist on my playlist for 16 years. I go through phases of music genres but I could listen to “Penny and Me” on repeat forever.

Last weekend, my girlfriend, Lindsay, and I made a short trip to The Danforth Music Hall to scream our teeny bopper hearts out. I always have an awesome time at Hanson shows because they guarantee a great setlist on every tour. They’ve played Mmmbop at every concert I’ve been so and they usually throw in a few hits from Middle of Nowhere. Here are some photos from when I wasn’t waving my arms around and clapping :)

I love me a man that plays the guitar! (Yes, Avery can!)

Taylor, my fave, who has 5 kids now

Switching it up, Taylor on drums and Zac on keys

Had such a fun night! I wish it didn’t have to end!


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