The Yonge Street 10k aka my training fun run

I did it all for the post-race brunch. I haven’t been training during the winter at all, since last October I’ve used the treadmill twice and ran a 7k outside once before this past Sunday. I’ve been swamped with tradeshow prep every single day since I left my full-time job in late January, and if I’m not working I feel like I’m wasting valuable time — which I am, but there’s other things to be done too! I wasn’t worried about this race, wasn’t trying to beat last year’s time and I made sure to go out easy. Lo and behold, somehow, I was only 5 seconds slower than last year! I came in at the 1 hour mark, shockingly! I set my Garmin to the live pace mode instead of the average so I guess that must’ve helped because I cannot believe I had a 6k/min pace with no training!

I love CRS, they always have the best events and everything runs so smoothly. I’m curious how Sporting Life will turn out given last year’s fiasco. I hope more and more runners sign up for TYS10k because it really is just a fantastic race. I also signed up for A Midsummer Night’s Run and the Scotiabank half-marathon again. I’ll have to get back into training mode this summer, eeep.

Hubs is running Boston this upcoming weekend so he “took it slow” and did 37:18 (hmph). He’s getting really good at taking action shots, he actually had time to get our bag, grab snacks and walk back to Front Street to see me (hmph x 2). We both wear our Black Toe Running singlets to races now, courtesy of our awesome friends that opened up a running store downtown – check ’em out!

So yes, Boston Marathon, here we come again! We went in 2010 but now we’ll have a toddler in tow. It’ll be an experience and I’m sure it will feel uneasy near the finish. They’re incredibly strict on security so I just hope everything goes well.


That’s about it from this end! I will have a lot more to write once the show is over at the end of next month. It really has taken over my life but hopefully it will be worth it. Keep checking out my official website for more goodies that will be available for purchase soon :)




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2 responses to “The Yonge Street 10k aka my training fun run

  1. Glad to see you do another run, Queenie! And that brunch looks amaaaaazing. :D

    I signed up for the Sporting Life race so I’ll let you know how that goes~ Thinking about Midsummer Run, too!

    Have fun in Boston!

    • It was fun being out there in the crowds again :) Sunset Grill, can’t go wrong! If the summer run was on the islands again I wouldn’t have signed up. But now that it’s back on land it’s really convenient for us to get to the site. Let me know and we can try to meet up!

      I’m looking forward to your race reports, as always! :)

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