My brother wrote a recap about our Boston trip! :)

BostonJogger Last week I tagged along with my sister Queenie and her husband Avery to Boston where he’s running the marathon. The vibe in the city was best described as one giant Upworthy video: the tagline “Boston Strong” was plastered on billboards; shop windows; flower pots; shirts, hats, magnets, anything you can find in a gift shop. People wore blue and yellow ribbons in solidarity and local media were covering the race like it was the Olympics.

Understandably, the theme of unity and redemption (New Balance’s official slogan was “We Run Together”) gave the air a saccharine taste, which for someone who isn’t used to this much positivity and optimism made it feel unnerving. But I’m not a runner and have enough trouble running five miles let alone 26.2 so who cares what I think about this stuff. Here are some highlights of things to do in Boston:

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