Blog Hop!

Hm, what’s a “blog hop?” It’s similar to a chain letter on the blogosphere, except it’s more fun because everyone can read it, we all learn something new about each other and we are also introduced to new creative peeps!

I was tagged by Jaclyn Carter of Love Jac Cards for my first blog hop. You can read her post that features me and Warren Tales right here :) By the powers of Instagram, Jackie and I met virtually through hashtags while prepping for the 2014 National Stationery Show. A fellow mommy stationer, we instantly clicked before our first hug in person! Based in Brooklyn, Love Jac Cards features one-of-a-kind photographs with feel-good taglines printed from a vintage typewriter — all handmade!

If you’re in New York City, you can see both of our cards at Jooneechees :D Here are a few of my faves:

This is what I say to my husband everytime I can’t open a jar, lol

This sums up so many of my friendships :)



Me, Jackie & my booth buddy during the last hour of NSS (tear!)


Here are my answers to the questions from this blog hop :)

1) What are you writing/working on?

I have to finish the fourth part of my NSS blog series, this edition will be about my experience from the morning of Day 1 to when I was waiting for my flight back to Toronto. Lots to share and I hope to finish this within the next week or so. Oh, and I’m working on holiday items! I’m actually pretty behind… I wanted to have everything ready by the end of July and it’s already mid-August, oops. As for long-term projects, there’s just too many to name, but on the top of my list is to write a children’s book, dabble into patterns and expand the product line to plush pillows and placements. Stay tuned!

2) How does your work differ from others in your genre?

A lot of the taglines on my cards are based on inside jokes and puns between me and my husband — luckily, other people seem to get our humour! I try to be as clever and different as I can because there are cases where, unintentionally, ideas have overlapped between artists but it’s just how the creative process works. My goal is to make people “smile and say ‘awww'” when they see my designs. I put myself in the shoes of my customers and think of the reasons why they would want to purchase the new card I’m working on. Sometimes I would think of a great idea but then realize it’s not fitting for a card. I put a lot of thought into every element that’s involved before displaying the final product. My most recent design pictured below is an original, so I hope I don’t see anything similar pop up!


3) Why do you create?

I create because I truly love it! I make greeting cards because since I was a toddler, my parents have marked every special occasion with a card, and that prompted me to have penpals around the world because I loved writing letters and sending mail! It is a dream come true for queenie’s cards to be available in retail shops and it’s ever so heartwarming to see customers sharing photos of my products online. To think that I created something that speaks to other people’s relationships with each other is pretty cool. Also, I get sweet messages like this in return:

True story

And I get to see my products in awesome window displays :)

Beadle, Toronto ON

4) How does your creative process work?

Ideas come to me 24/7, I’ve even dreamt of a few (weirdly enough) and my mind is always on overload, as are all other artists, I’m sure. I’m a night owl and I like working evenings well into the dark, even though I should be sleeping. This is when I’m the most creative. I jot down ideas and sketch in one of my many notebooks during the day, I then draw it out with markers and sometimes I’d go through lots of revisions, and other times the first draft is the winner. I use Adobe Illustrator to finalize all designs and below is a screenshot of the chaos behind each cartoon.

CS3 screenshot, I now have CS6

End of questions!


The blog hop also requests introductions to two people that inspire me. I decided to make it easy for myself and chose the two most creative Michelles I know :)

First, I’ve chosen Michelle Reaney from Thunderpeep! I discovered Thunderpeep at a local arts fair last year and I’ve been a fan ever since. Michelle’s designs are a combo of folk inspired illustrations and bold typography with creative humour. Made in Toronto, her products can be found around the city and we even share two awesome stockists, Beadle and Len! Thunderpeep has lots of shows coming up, be sure to put them on your calendars!

I need a hundred of these

This pretty much works for any occasion

This pretty much works for any occasion

How brilliant is this?


Second, I’ve chosen Michelle Lin from Chelleline Cards :) I was introduced to Michelle by my NSS booth neighbour. After meeting for the first time at the show, just like how I met Jackie, Michelle and I headed for burgers at the Shake Shack and talked about everything under the sun like old friends catching up. Chelleline’s motto is to put the “hand” back into “handmade” and let me tell you, Michelle’s work is filled with imagination and patience. Every cut is so intricate and composed with precision. Truly one-of-a-kind cards!

This just makes me smile :)

A moment between a mother & daughter captured perfectly

And of course a cute penguin baby!

That’s it from me for now! Thanks for reading :) Michelles, your turns :D


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