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Boston Terrier Rescue Canada Fundrasier!

On behalf of queenie’s cards and the volunteers at Boston Terrier Rescue Canada, thank you to everyone who purchased these exclusive holiday cards to support this wonderful cause! We raised $210 in about a month! That’s a few hundred dollars these pups didn’t have before, so thank you very much for your generous help. BTRC accepts donations all year round so please make any donations you can through their website. Thank you again!

Stay tuned for more charity collaborations really soon :)


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Heart-Felt Thank Yous from Canopy

“Thank you very much Queenie for your active participation and hardworking with Canopy Organization. Much respect to those who participated fully to make this campaign successfully. Nothing we can compensate for your kindness but God will pay you more. I salute everyone.”
– Francis Mwangenga, Program Coordinator, Canopy

That made my heart smile :)

The Mother’s Day Campaign with Canopy continues to prove a huge success and I cannot be more thankful for their appreciation. I hope to collaborate with the team again soon, it was a great experience and I want to contribute by creating more fundraisers for several occasions to come. Many thanks again to everyone that participated and purchased a card to support this amazing cause. Within a short amount of time, we raised additional funds to help the after-school education program at the Kurasini Children’s Home, which is one step closer to achieving Canopy’s mission:

… to improve the academic achievement of orphans attending secondary school in Tanzania so they have a better chance of leading a secure life and contributing to the country’s economic productivity and social development.”

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Mother’s Day Cards Now Available!

Mother’s Day is less than two weeks away, and I have been working with the Canopy group to design 3 cards for you to choose from!

Each card is $5.00 and proceeds will go to the said non-profit organization that runs an after-school program for orphans at the Kurasini National Children’s Home, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

$5 provides school supplies for one child for one month.
$10 provides one hour of teaching to our students.
$15 provides one textbook.

Don’t forget about your friends with little ones, it’s their day too!

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Donate to the Red Cross to support relief efforts in Japan

I spoke with one of my best friends, Mark, from Japan for over two hours last weekend; a big relief he’s doing ok. The new issue of Maclean’s came in the mail today — looking through all of the photos from the wreck makes my hear sink. I felt like crying from glancing at the terrifying images. We were watching the news last night and the survivors are incredibly orderly and dealing with the situation in the most humanitary way possible. Everyone is lining up to make phone calls, to buy groceries, for gas… it’s amazing how sensible their cultural mannerisms is, and how different they are from us. Imagine how North America would react if it happened here, it would be complete chaos. Hell, did you see the insane Boxing Day videos at Wal-Mart? Imagine a natural disaster! It’s really encouraging and uplifting to see how everyone’s coming together like a community and helping out their fellow humans, ya know?

Kentaro, my other best friend in Japan, wrote out his experience with the earthquake on his blog HERE. Again, please donate what you can to the Red Cross.

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Thinking of Japan

I got a hold of one of my best friends in Japan this morning — incredibly glad he’s safe but it’s scarily worrisome to know it’s not over yet. Our mutual friend that’s also in the middle of it all has been giving us updates, and so far everyone’s ok. I almost feel guilty that I’m going to a bed and breakfast tomorrow while so much is happening right now, especially because two of my dearest friends had to walk 6 hours to get home yesterday and they have no idea what damage is still to come. Both say the aftershocks are intense, and everyone’s staying put with nothing else to do but to wait it out.

We can’t do much else here in Toronto but we can donate to the Red Cross to support relief efforts. Please click HERE for more info — I donated $50, every little bit helps.

Kentaro & Mark: Thinking of you two… Stay safe.


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Ride For Heart, 75km!

Discover what one bike ride can do.

Every 7 minutes someone dies from heart disease and stroke in Canada. I’m once again participating in this annual ride on Sunday, June 5th in honour of my grandfather.

Please support me by sponsoring online. Thank you!


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