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Today is queenie’s cards’ 1st Official Anniversary!

queenies cards - official anniversary
Ok, let me explain. The company was established in 2008 after I graduated university, but it wasn’t until one year ago that I left my 9-5 to make queenie’s cards an official, fully licensed business. And it’s been possible all thanks to the wonderful and lovely customers/readers like yourself! There is still a very long way to go but the past 365 days has been absolutely the happiest of my life!

To celebrate with you, use coupon code “ONEYEAR” for 30% off all items in the shop! Fundraising cards are not applicable but everything else will be discounted for one week! YAY! Thank you again for continuing to support small local businesses :) Every single card is still assembled by me, regardless of where its sold! :)



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Lovey Dovey Pinback Buttons are now available just in time for Valenitne’s Day! 

Website is still in progress but please email/message us to place your order! You can also visit LEN for almost all of queenie’s cards products, including these sweet buttons! Lots more collections and surprises coming real soon! Stayed tuned ;)

Set of 4 for $10.00 CAD
Single button for $2.75 CAD

A bunch of new designs coming right up!

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queenie’s cards now available at LEN!


queenie’s cards is now available at LEN!!! Located right across from Coxwell subway station, you can now browse through the card collection while conveniently shopping for amazing, beautiful, one of a kind gifts! Visit LEN and discover the hidden gems of East Danforth :)

I was first introduced to LEN when they were a pop-up shop back in the winter, now they’ve relocated to 698 Coxwell Ave and are here to stay! If you’re ever in the East End, check them out, the owners are a wonderful, super friendly duo that always have great stories to tell :)

Shop local!

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You’ve Got Mail (real mail, in the mailbox, delivered by the postman)

Did you ever have pen pals? I had a handful in junior high. It’s a shame kids these days have despicable writing skills (well, this doesn’t limit to children), yet they can finish a video game in one night (again, this doesn’t limit to children). It was exciting to receive letters from someone my age whom I’ve never met before, to find out who they were and discover our different lifestyles. Often times I was surprised at how much we had in common too. We eventually started sending each other photos and gifts pretty regularly. It was an odd but comforting concept to me; I made friends through solely communicating on paper, on the other side of the world, no less.

Of course, the world has changed and I, like everyone else, take full advantage of the convenience that is email and I, even as an owner of a greeting card business, will admit I don’t send cards as much as I should. But even though I’m guilty of lengthy emails, I think it’s important to take your hands off the keyboard and pick up a pen every now and then. One of the reasons why I want to keep the tradition of greeting cards alive is because I love the feeling of receiving an envelope with my name on it, knowing it came from someone I care for, and who obviously feels the same about me. Before the Internet took over, letters used to be personal and had substance. Nowadays, you usually only get bills and junk in the mail. When Canada Post was on strike, no one seemed to care, everyone just tweeted that everything is electronically delivered anyway and postal services are obsolete — I beg to differ. A few months later, I read that a short-sighted 91-year-old British man had been mistakenly putting his letters into a dog waste disposal box for two years! I was on the brink of tears. This reaffirms there are still people who need mailboxes (and that London seriously needs to paint their garbage bins a different colour! – Try green).

Since I was very young, my parents have always celebrated special occasions by marking them with a card, and they still do. With my dad being a graphic illustrator and designer, his impeccable taste of unique cards over the years encouraged me to eventually dabble in creating my own designs, evolving into queenie’s cards. The difference between keeping a card and printing out an email is that reminiscing a piece of 8.5” x 11” paper doesn’t do the message justice, despite the amount of emoticons used. Sure, it’s convenient for the sender, but consider the sentimental value of having a card for a keepsake. Also, how many times have you received the same birthday or holiday card? Honestly, one year in high school I received the same Christmas card 6 times!

Just something to keep in mind next time you’re deciding between an e-card (which may get deleted, sent to the spam box, will expire, and is not tangible unless you hit print-screen and save it as a JPG and print it out) OR mailing a thoughtful hand-written card that at least provides the option of safe-keeping.


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We love penguins!

To celebrate the new penguin exhibit at the Toronto Zoo, here is a new Thank You card!

And this is cute, penguin typography :) Click on the link below to create your own!

Say It With Penguins!

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Heart-Felt Thank Yous from Canopy

“Thank you very much Queenie for your active participation and hardworking with Canopy Organization. Much respect to those who participated fully to make this campaign successfully. Nothing we can compensate for your kindness but God will pay you more. I salute everyone.”
– Francis Mwangenga, Program Coordinator, Canopy

That made my heart smile :)

The Mother’s Day Campaign with Canopy continues to prove a huge success and I cannot be more thankful for their appreciation. I hope to collaborate with the team again soon, it was a great experience and I want to contribute by creating more fundraisers for several occasions to come. Many thanks again to everyone that participated and purchased a card to support this amazing cause. Within a short amount of time, we raised additional funds to help the after-school education program at the Kurasini Children’s Home, which is one step closer to achieving Canopy’s mission:

… to improve the academic achievement of orphans attending secondary school in Tanzania so they have a better chance of leading a secure life and contributing to the country’s economic productivity and social development.”

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