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The Yonge Street 10k aka my training fun run

I did it all for the post-race brunch. I haven’t been training during the winter at all, since last October I’ve used the treadmill twice and ran a 7k outside once before this past Sunday. I’ve been swamped with tradeshow prep every single day since I left my full-time job in late January, and if I’m not working I feel like I’m wasting valuable time — which I am, but there’s other things to be done too! I wasn’t worried about this race, wasn’t trying to beat last year’s time and I made sure to go out easy. Lo and behold, somehow, I was only 5 seconds slower than last year! I came in at the 1 hour mark, shockingly! I set my Garmin to the live pace mode instead of the average so I guess that must’ve helped because I cannot believe I had a 6k/min pace with no training!

I love CRS, they always have the best events and everything runs so smoothly. I’m curious how Sporting Life will turn out given last year’s fiasco. I hope more and more runners sign up for TYS10k because it really is just a fantastic race. I also signed up for A Midsummer Night’s Run and the Scotiabank half-marathon again. I’ll have to get back into training mode this summer, eeep.

Hubs is running Boston this upcoming weekend so he “took it slow” and did 37:18 (hmph). He’s getting really good at taking action shots, he actually had time to get our bag, grab snacks and walk back to Front Street to see me (hmph x 2). We both wear our Black Toe Running singlets to races now, courtesy of our awesome friends that opened up a running store downtown – check ’em out!

So yes, Boston Marathon, here we come again! We went in 2010 but now we’ll have a toddler in tow. It’ll be an experience and I’m sure it will feel uneasy near the finish. They’re incredibly strict on security so I just hope everything goes well.


That’s about it from this end! I will have a lot more to write once the show is over at the end of next month. It really has taken over my life but hopefully it will be worth it. Keep checking out my official website for more goodies that will be available for purchase soon :)




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Race Reports!

I know, I know, where have I been? Here are FOUR race reports. Eeep, sorry I’m so behind.

1) August 31: Color Me Rad 5k — Not timed

Karon was a keener and wrote up a summary the day of (with lots of photos), but here’s my take anyway:

  • I wasn’t thrilled about the event to begin with, the thought of having coloured cornstarch thrown in my face during a run isn’t appealing at all, but since little brother was so enthused to sign up with me, I agreed to do it (as long as he paid my entry fee, lol).
  • We got to the race site and it was already a wild, colourful mess since a bunch of legs were already completed. The line up for our kits wasn’t terrible and we got our shirts and sunglasses without any hassle — you NEED to wear the glasses they provide.
  • The run itself is nothing more than a jog, no one takes this event seriously which is cool, I was glad we weren’t dodging runners the whole way. It was chilled with tons of photo ops and everyone enjoyed the scenery. The first colour station was at the 1k mark and that’s when the fun begins! It was a blast, the trick is to not rush through and you could even stop at the end to throw cornstarch on yourself.
  • Karon was smart to put his camera in a ziplock bag with two holes in the back for the straps. It still got dirty but it was better than not being covered.
  • The stations with wet paint were the best, the volunteers don’t spray above your chest so there’s no risk getting anything in your face and the colours stay on much better. My advice for this: wear swim shorts! It was easy to clean and you don’t have to be uncomfortable with a wet bottom the rest of the time.
  • Overall, it was a lot of fun and I’m glad Karon and I got a ton of awesome photos out of it. I don’t know if I’d do it again, I find that this one-time experience is enough.

2) September 8: B&O Yorkville 5k — 27:58

My annual 5k since finding out I was preggers! This was my third year in a row running this race and I’m liking it better and better each time. The sponsors are getting bigger and the crowds are always great.

  • 2011: 26:19 | 2012: 31:24 (first race since having Madeline 4 months before)
  • I love the course, it’s a great loop from Yorkville down to Queens Park and back up Avenue Road, and it’s close to home.
  • The goodies are awesome, what other race hands out EVIAN water and cinnamon buns? There were free t-shirts and water bottles and we got a free jacket in the kit too!
  • The medal is so pretty. This year’s spins! For a short 5k, this is definitely noteworthy.
  • You can stay inside the entrance to the Nike store before gun time to keep warm and stretch, this is definitely a bonus.
  • Hopefully I’ll be able to match or beat my 2011’s record soon. It’s taking a long time to get back to my pre-baby times.
  • Nothing negative to say about this race! Will keep doing it every year!

3) September 21: Running Maniacs Fall Festival Run 15k — 1:29:56

My second long distance race. Newcastle is far! But the good thing about that is it’s a small race and not crowded.

  • This was my training run to prep for STWM. The scenery was great but because it’s such a small race, you’re alone most of the time and there were few spectators along the way, so music is needed to keep you company through those lonely stretches.
  • There weren’t a ton of volunteers and not every turn was marked, so some elites ran too much and others ran too little. I don’t think anyone knows their true time, still. Luckily for me, I ran with a lady going my pace and we didn’t run off course like some of the leaders (including Avery, even though he won his category for the 10k!).
  • They announced the women’s results first by the oldest age groups, then the men’s, and the winners get to choose a prize when their names are called. When it was hubby’s turn, there was barely anything left on the table, boo!
  • I don’t think we’ll do this race again, it took a while to get there and it wasn’t well organized, though we understand because it’s a small event. We received a follow-up email just today from the race director stating she understood everyone’s comments but because it was a small-funded race, and the purpose was to raise money for guide dogs (yay!), she hopes everyone looks at the big picture and not hold any grudges.

4) October 20: Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront (Half) Marathon 21k — 2:16:30

THE race of the year! All of my training after the Yonge Street 10k led up to this day. I’m so happy I finished, and with my time!

  • This is Toronto’s most famous race and rightfully so. Canada Running Series always does a superb job organizing all of their races. Alan Brookes (the race director) did it again. It’s an awesome feeling being a part of such a big event, the crowds were the most excited groups of people I’ve ever seen, there’s always lots of volunteers, the route was good, corrals were timed correctly and water stations were plentiful.
  • Avery’s office was a block away from the start so we made it our HQ for the morning. We could see the corrals and made our way down with some minutes to spare, I was glad we didn’t have to check our bags or wait outside. Hubby was my coach for this run, he was with me the entire time!
  • Two of our friends are opening up a running store at King and Bathurst called Black Toe Running Inc. so we were honoured to wear their personalized singlets! A couple of people asked us about it on the course so the word is out! They had a huge cheering section in front of the shop and it was awesome seeing my name on their sign! It’s always great to have support along the way.
  • I was feeling good and Avery was pacing me at 6:00/k so it was doable. I was cramping around the 10k mark and was worried but thankfully it went away quickly. Everything was peachy on Lakeshore but it’s quite a ways before the turnaround, the scenery makes it seem longer than it is. I was worried at 15k because I was getting tired… really tired. Then, after the 16k mark, every kilometer seemed like an eternity. 17k is where I hit the wall on my training run and it was tough to keep going this time too. I walked twice for 20 seconds or so, I couldn’t not stop, my legs were dead tired. Avery helped me push through it and I paced 6:20+/k the rest of the way.
  • The last 3-4k was insanely challenging, I knew I was almost at the finish but there’s still 20+ minutes to go, plus I’ve been running for about 2 hours at this point. I hated seeing the markers because I’d think back to the last one I saw and it felt like I’ve run more than a measly kilometer. When we were rounding the last corner, Avery put it in perspective for me and said it’s less than a walk to the subway station from our house which helped a lot, but damn it seemed twice as far! I didn’t want to stop, I pushed myself so hard after passing Union Station.
  • This is where I felt kind of eerie. In 2011, Avery and I witnessed a half-marathoner collapse less than 1k before the finish (he didn’t survive), and this is where I’d be running past to get to the end. You can read about the post here. I didn’t glance at the spot where we saw him but focused on moving my legs and taking big breathes for that last stretch.
  • The 500m, 400m, 300m, 200m, 100m signs did not help me at all! I was aching and was so exhausted, passing by each of those markers was grueling! 100m is such a short distance but the signs seemed to be teasing me in slow motion as I was giving everything that I had to get to the end. The crowds were awesome, though, they were shouting and clapping, someone even yelled out my name really loudly a bunch of times but I didn’t see who it was so I’m assuming it was a random spectator.
  • Then, I saw the timer, and the best feeling is knowing you’re seconds away from the finish so you can stop running!!! What a glorious feeling it was, they put the medal around my neck and I was still in shock of what I just did. There is no way I could’ve done this well without Avery running with me and supporting me the whole way, I probably would’ve given up.
  • I waddled my way to grab post-race goodies with the masses ’cause I was starving! Next time I do anything more than a 15k I will try using gels. I needed that energy boost this time, they were handing out PowerGels but I didn’t dare try anything new during a race.
  • I’m over-the-moon thrilled to have completed this mission. What a strenuous one. I’m done with races until next year! I want to chance my luck with Nike’s San Francisco Women’s marathon but I should wait a bit before my runner’s high gets carried away.
  • Gentle reminder that there’s still time to donate to Toronto Cat Rescue fundraiser! :)

Thanks for reading! I know it was a long one… but I won’t have any more reports until next spring at the earliest :)

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A Midsummer Night’s Run Race Report

As you may know, I’m training for the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half-Marathon in October in support of Toronto Cat Rescue (more info here!), and running a continuous long route within the city is impossible with the chaotic traffic and construction. A Midsummer Night’s Run had a 15k option and since hubby was racing the 30k anyway, this was a no-brainer for me. This race is normally held downtown but because of said construction it was moved to Toronto Islands this year. What does this mean for me and Avery? DATE NIGHT! Yes, parenthood has resulted into us signing up for late races together to not feel guilty about leaving our baby daughter overnight. We dropped Madeline off with my parents, took a much needed pre-race nap, and we were off to the ferry docks. It was packed with runners and walkers of the race, in addition to the regular crowds, so boarding was pretty intense. Everyone was pushing and shoving and trying to cut in line, there were a lot of shouting matches. It was fine once we stepped foot on the ferry, however I was starting to get jittery because the longest distance I’ve ever run was 14k. Avery reassured me that I’ll be ok, so I had to take his word, lol. We found HQ and was soon ready to check our bags.

Us looking prim and proper before the race

The 30k start time was 5:30pm and the 15k was 15 minutes after. I get nervous standing in line waiting for the gun to go off, but I was taking this as a training run and I had no previous record to try to beat so I tried to remind myself to not consider this a race per se, my goal was to pace properly. There were lots of pace bunnies for both courses, I really thought they would come in handy but the two ahead of me weren’t running a steady pace so I couldn’t stick with them. I ended up pacing myself at 6:20min/km. That, of course, slowly dwindled to 6:22, 6:25, but I didn’t let it slip past 6:29. The 15k course was a tad loopy, but I knew that going in. Running on the boardwalk to Ward’s Island sucked, it was so narrow and everyone was definitely slower. Being a Saturday there were lots of tourists on those huge 4-seater bikes so we had to dodge some of the folks on the paths. They should make notices to let people know about these events, it was frustrating for the participants and not fair to the tourists who had no idea they’d have to accommodate thousands of runners on their visit to the island.

The water stations were plentiful, there were lots of volunteers but they were inexperienced high school kids and Avery said one stepped out right in front of him and he almost knocked him down. For me, I had to pass on one station because they were handing out cups one at a time and I didn’t want to wait so I held out until the next one. Overall, lots of encouragement from everyone along the course, including the handful of spectators that high-fived me :)

I felt pretty strong up until 12k, I was exhausted from the heat and my legs wanted to stop. The last few kilometers really are the worse, it felt like an eternity before hitting each marker and I had to force myself not to look at my watch inbetween songs. But only having 3k left, I knew I could push through and there’s no way I was going to stop now. When my watch beeped at 14k, I tried to power through to the finish, I used what little ounce of strength I had left and took huge strides to get under my secret goal time of sub 1:40.

I finished at 1:37 :’) It’s shocking that I ran that long continuously, four months ago I never would’ve imagined this was possible. Hard work and lots of training really does prove to show satisfying results. Even though I wasn’t a speedy rocket by any means, my goal was to try my very best and finish (before Avery, lol). Mission accomplished! This bodes well for my first half in just 9 weeks — EEEP!!!

Enough about me… hubby, um, WON THE 30k!!! He placed FIRST with a time of 1:59!!! I am so proud and ever so happy for my baby daddy!!! I saw him pass by the other way once on the course, I wasn’t looking out for him because I didn’t see any 30k-ers run by, I even thought to myself that maybe he was going the wrong way. But soon after, he tapped me on the shoulder from behind and there were two guys with race shirts on bikes guiding him so I rethought, “oh, maybe he’s first!” He asked how I was doing when he passed me and I yelled back “I hate you!” so that got some giggles around us, especially after Avery answered with “love you too, baby!” So yes, he DID loop me!!! Hmph. But that’s ok, he didn’t run twice as fast as me, lol.

With our honkin’ medals! And me looking disheveled and smiling like a dork.

Post-race dinner was pulled pork and chicken sandwiches at Hank Daddy’s BBQ

Getting home was a nightmare, it took over an hour to board the ferry and it was a complete mess. Avery pointed out it was ironic that staying to collect his first place prize put us last in line to get home, lol. It was ok, though, Madeline was sleeping soundly at my parents and my neighbour took care of Bowser so I didn’t feel rushed. My feet, on the other hand, needed some desperate rest so I’m glad we got a seat on the ferry when we finally reached the docks. I liked this race but hopefully it will be back downtown next year, I’m never doing a race on the island again, at least not a late one. We wasted so much time getting there and back, it wasn’t worth the travel. The scenery was great but the paths weren’t closed off, they got super narrow at certain points and the most frustrating part was the start with the masses. It took a good 2k for me to find my pace. Despite all of this, most of which wasn’t under the race’s control, it was a great experience and I’m overjoyed with our results.

Avery’s 1st place trophy

Another addition to our medal wall

A friendly reminder that this race is a work-in-progress for my half-marathon to support the 100,000 homeless kitties in the city! Please consider sponsoring Toronto Cat Rescue in the two following ways:

1) Purchase any queenie’s cards from the online store and a generous portion of all proceeds will go towards this campaign until the end of October!
2) Donate on my official fundraising page!


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MEC 10k Race Report

10k in 1:04

It’s hard to believe that three months ago I was freaking out about running a 10k race. Yesterday morning, I ran my second 10k at the MEC Toronto Race Five and though it wasn’t a cinch by any means, it was definitely a lot easier. I’ve been training for the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half-Marathon so I’m more comfortable with 10-12k runs now. Since hubby signed up I thought I might as well join him for a marshaled route for my long training run this weekend. Little did I realize he needed to clock in 20+ kilometres for his training so he actually RAN 13k to the start line BEFORE running the 10k race!!! Hmph. So I drove myself there and we met up at Coronation Park. He was already running shirtless before 8:30am so I thought I was going to be doomed by the humidity. Luckily, it was ok, and the rain held off until later that afternoon. The weather was actually perfect for race day.

So you might already know this, but I’m allergic to nature. This includes fresh cut grass and especially bug bites. We walked from the car to the chip pick-up tent and I was bitten 5 times on my legs within 2 minutes. Great. I didn’t bring my tea tree oil or long pants. This was irritating me, literally, and I took it as a sign of bad things to come. Fortunately, for some reason the bites didn’t swell up and before I knew it, we were lined up and ready to go so I didn’t have time to be pissed about the itchiness. MEC races are truly bare bones without any glitz and glamour, allowing the entry fee to be a mere $15 (!!!), and the route was one loop on the path for 5k-ers and two for the 10k-ers. I didn’t know if it was going to be overcrowded with the 300 participants, plus the regular runners, cyclists and rollerbladers using the path (it wasn’t closed off but the volunteers were at all the right places and I didn’t see any colliding or conflicts with anyone on the route).

I felt great as soon as we started running, I think I was smiling throughout the first 3k because racing really is an incredible, indescribable feeling, having so many people around you that love the same sport, with the crowds cheering you on. You feel like a winner within the first few kilometers because you’re out there, doing it, choosing this for yourself on a weekend morning when you could’ve been doing nothing (ok, this doesn’t apply to moms like myself because if your baby’s awake, you’re always doing something, but you get the picture).

The first 5k felt ok, I’ve run the path before and it’s super flat so the familiarity helped. My split was 32:00 and I already knew I wasn’t going to do a sub-60 so I was content. It was tempting as hell to run through the finish at the turnaround, but I resisted. Another loop, I went. And it kind of sucked, I even yelled “LOOPS SUCK!” to a few volunteers and they laughed their butts off. It’s just mentally draining running the same circle again. But I knew this going in, and it wasn’t a big deal. A good thing about the loop, Avery and I passed each other twice on the course so that was fun, we air-fist bumped, lol. Hubby finished 4th overall just under 38:00 so he walked back to run the last stretch with me (had he drove to the race with me he would’ve placed!). I was pushing it at the end and finished with a 1:04! I did an even split and considering this was a training race, it went better than I could’ve ever expected!

I will for sure consider doing another MEC race, this run had the friendliest staff and volunteers I’ve ever seen. Everyone was smiling and was extremely helpful. I loved how encouraging they were throughout the entire course. The water station was at the right spot, splits were well marked and I knew exactly where to go at the turns. I highly recommend these events!

I am very happy with this result, I was secretly aiming for 1:05. Since the Acura 10-miler is canceled this year, I just signed up for the 15k Midsummer Night’s Run in, dammit, three weeks!!! Ahhh, I haven’t broken 13k yet!!! Onwards with the training…

‘Til next time, thanks for reading!


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The Yonge Street 10k Race Report!

But first, some thoughts about the events at the Boston Marathon. We received numerous calls asking if we were there, and are so very appreciative of everyone’s concerns for our safety. It really hits home because three years ago, yes, we were there. Avery was running and I was standing on the sidelines where the second blast went off. After hearing about the events on the news, not only was I terrified for the spectators, but as a runner, I was devastated for everyone that was effected and could not finish. Training for anything is hard work, but training for a marathon, I now realize, is freaking ridiculous. I ran less than 1/4 of what that entails and I (as you will read on to find out) was absolutely spent. Boston is such a renowned race with tough qualifying times, and thousands of runners were robbed of the victory of crossing the finish line to complete what I’m sure was a dream for most. This senseless act, I know, will make runners unit and be stronger than ever. I was reading all of the heroic stories after about finishers sprinting to the nearest hospital to donate blood and how everyone was helping each other and coming together as a community, along with locals who opened up their homes to those in need. This is what runners, along with their family/friends, are all about. Every time you run through your neighbourhood and see another runner, you instantly have that mutual respect for one another. I’ve witnessed friendships being made DURING a race. I’ve come to learn that this passionate sport is more than what it appears, and it encompasses a deep meaningful gratification for each person, whether it be running to get into shape, running for a cause, running for personal goals, or simply running for the enjoyment. The Yonge Street 10k is meaningful to me because it’s for all of the above. These thoughts ran through my mind all week, and from seeing so many blue and yellow supporters the day of TYS10K, I could tell it was on the mind of my fellow runners as well.

This was my first 10k race, and my third post-baby race. Looking back at how far I’ve come over the past year, as Madeline will be turning a year old next month, I am extremely satisfied with my running progress. Finally, I have a 10k under my belt! And I cannot believe I finished at 59:55. Having never raced this distance before, I felt absolutely no pressure to beat any previous records and I had a great sleep the night before. I used to get crazy pre-race jitters (read about my first race EVER here) but I don’t know if I will experience that nervousness again after being humbled by such big physical changes of having a baby and being forced to start from scratch. With no intention to use the “I had a baby” excuse, it is what it is and I need to remind myself that it will take time, probably a long time, before I’m back to my old self again. I also need to keep telling myself that “The Combo” still applies (a bunch of factors that play into each race: Weather, Training, Nutrition, Race Route — these are the major variables, but there’s also the obvious physical structure of your body as well).

It was a blistering morning in Toronto on Race Day, it bloody snowed the day before!!! A lot of people expected to run in shorts and a t-shirt but succumbed to tights and long sleeves. The only negative thing about this popular race is that there is nowhere to hide inside before gun time. The streets are packed with 5,000+ runners at 8am on a Sunday and every coffee place is jammed. Had I warmed up before going to our corral, I truly believe I would’ve run faster (this is why I love Around the Bay). Anyway, one of my best gals offered to run with me and I couldn’t have been more excited! She paced me at my first post-baby race back in the fall and I crushed my goal so I knew this was a sign of good things to come. Avery gave me a simple training plan for the month and I stuck to it, but I only ran the full 10k once during practice. I was optimistic because that was a great run (as per my last post), but I kept my time a secret incase I didn’t do better in the race. I told Angela my pace goals and unbeknownst to both of us, my estimated times went completely out the window as soon as we hit the first marker! I usually go out too fast but I felt great and the route was amazing, straight down Yonge Street with only two elevated hills that I could remember, so I kept at it! I really wanted a sub 60 time but my training run was 1:04 so I didn’t think I had it in me to keep the -6:00/k pace. But I managed to push myself more than I ever have before, because it worked! What surprised me during the race but I didn’t realize before, was that because I was used to walking the streets of downtown, it felt like I was cruising through by running and hitting landmarks almost five times faster than if I were strolling around during my lunch break at work!

Avery had already finished (34:36 and placed 38th overall!) and he was waiting for me in front of my office on Front Street. I was so happy to see him during my last leg! He ran with us to the end and I gave all that I could to cross that finish line before the one hour mark. I think I cried in the last 500 metres because I was in so much pain. Then, I looked at my watch and I did it, the first two numbers read 59 and that’s when I smiled the biggest smile I’ve ever had after I finished a race. This was a huge accomplishment for me because even though I always try my best during races, this was twice the distance of what I’m used to and I pushed myself more than I ever did before. I could barely breathe to thank Angela after and was heaving pretty heavily to the point where I thought I needed a medic, but I was ok after walking it off, lol.

Here we are, all smiles after I regained my vision and calmed my body down from the second most strenuous event it’s ever been through (the first was childbirth, of course):

It means a lot that Angela ran with me. Even though my finish time shows up on her results, she’s proud to have run with me and I’m so thankful to have such an incredible friend like her in my life. We’re the same in many ways when it comes to running. We support our fellow friends that are a fan of the sport, and we never talk down on anyone’s running abilities. We are semi-newbies at this, our first running experience was on treadmills back at the condo gym and we didn’t fall in love with it right away, it took some time before we braved the sidewalks and started to embrace it. Avery is partly responsible in getting both of us into running (partly being me entirely and her, somewhat, lol). We set goals for ourselves and always want to beat our PB’s but accept the fact that “The Combo” may not always be in our favour, and we remind each other time and time again that we’re running for ourselves, not for anyone else, especially not for Sportstats! ;) Mostly, we love each other. This pretty lady was one of my bridesmaids and is one of my bestest friends in the world. We tell each other everything, and have shared countless memories. I love running with her, and she’s my favourite pace bunny in the world. If you read my previous post, you’d know that we both achieved our goals at this race :)

One last thing… hubby and I have the same finisher’s medal for once! :D
This is epic, guys.

#TYS10K #RunForBoston

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My Running Saga Continues…

This photo made me laugh:

The Yonge Street 10k is one week from now! I’m really excited for this one because it’s my first 10k race, and my training’s been going really well. I haven’t run this distance since the summer of 2011 so getting back into it has been challenging, but very rewarding. This is a very popular run so I know a lot of people that are signed up — I hope race day will be good to me!

Running twice the distance than what I’m used to has been doing wonders for my 5k times. Today, I did 5k in 30:27 which is faster than my time for Around the Bay and I still had it in me to keep going to double that! I was shocked when I realized I should’ve been doing this eons ago! And running a new distance means as long as I finish, it will be a PR (yes, I’m looking at it that way, lol), so I’m trying not to worry about my time and concentrate on my technique instead. One of my best girlfriends and I have been going through a lot of changes this past year and a bit, what with me being pregnant and her being injured. We are both really competitive, especially with ourselves. We want to beat our previous results, and we want to do better than other runners… which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it is when your body isn’t ready for such wars! We are both going into this race with a light attitude and our goal is to just cross the finish and not worry about what the watch is telling us. With that said, I’m sure we will try our best (of course), but it’s more fun when you’re not stressing about keeping a pace or hitting any split goals.

More later! Thanks for catching up!

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I’m 29!

The Drake makes the amazing carrot cakes! Thanks, Andersons and Angela!

Silly Sleepy Bowsie

…and this is what I feel like right now. I’m so tired I can barely hold my head up. Madeline has turned into such a loud sleeper, I was up was ’til 4am this morning. When you’re a mom, your hearing ability heightens to a new level when it comes to your baby. I don’t always hear hubby leaving for work in the morning but if Madeline makes so much as a tiny peep in the middle of the night, I spring up like a jack-in-the-box and dash to her room… only to find her sound asleep, making noises from having a dream. Amazing. But Saturday was my doing, she was forced out of her routine all afternoon because my brother, hubby and I did this:

HOLLAH!!! 351m above ground!!!

The CN Tower Edgewalk!!! It was so much fun! I’d do it again in a heartbeat! The only time I was nervous was right before we walked out (they take you into a room after you come out of the elevator and there’s just a glass door separating you from DEATH before you’re roped into the grigri).  But as soon as you’re outside, you’re in such awe you forget to be scared. It was surreal. If someone told me two decades ago while I was eating at the 360 restaurant with my family that I’d be able to walk the circumference of the roof OUTSIDE in the future, there’s no way I would’ve believed them. Now look at where we are! The cost is a tad pricey but the experience is worth every penny. It was Karon’s second time, he was lucky to go before it opened to the public last year during a media preview. Read his write up for The Grid HERE. Thanks for the wildest birthday gift, little bro and hubby!

Hellooo Toronto! (I’m the short one in the middle)

So, I haven’t ran at all since my race, mainly because baby girl decided I don’t deserve a full night’s rest anymore. I really should try to get out there a few more times before it gets too chilly. I could use the treadmill but it’s not snowing yet so I might as well go out. Hubby placed 4th in his category and 15th overall at the Oakville Half last weekend! He finished with a 1:21:26 despite the crappy, wet and windy weather. STWM is coming up, hubby is crazy and is running the full before the NYC Marathon just 3 weeks after. A bunch of our friends are doing the half and 5k but I won’t be able to watch them at the finish this year. Madeline and I will be watching Avery at the 36k mark (as per usual), and there’s no way I’ll be able to make it downtown in time with all the road closures, and I’m not even going to bother taking TTC.

I’m excited for baby’s first plane ride, only because I’m optimistically thinking she won’t cry or make a scene. This, of course, is wishful thinking but it’s the only way I’ll be able to make it through the reality of what is actually going to happen.

‘Til next time! Hope you all enjoy your week :)


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