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Happy World Cat Day!

World Cat Day helps raise awareness of the love and companionship given to pet owners from their feline friends. It is celebrated throughout the world, every year on August 8

Courtesy of Toronto Animal Services, who are honouring this occasion with a 2-for-1 cat adoption special so your new kitty can have a friend for life, AND so you will have two devoted furry friends that will love you forever! Really, our two cats are super sweet and affectionate. My husband and I decided to adopt the second cat after realizing Smithers needed a buddy in the house while we were away on vacation weeks at a time, so that’s when we welcomed Lil’ Cheeto Wonton! (I know it’s an odd name but that’s the best part about having an indoor pet, you never have to call out to them in public!). Now, they’re best friends, along with Bowser (our golden retriever — yea, we have a zoo!).

Cheeto on the first day he came home with us. He was so tired from his fun-filled adventure, he quickly made himself comfy on the couch and had a great full night’s rest!

Cheeto and Smithers, brotherly love

According to the CBC, the origin of World Cat Day is unclear, but it dates back to 2002. Here is more info from CBC on this meowy day, and for the 2-for-1 details.

Speaking of kitties, this is a friendly reminder to donate to Toronto Cat Rescue by purchasing a queenie’s card (proceeds will go towards the cause) and/or sponsoring my first 21.1k race on my fundraising page! To give you an idea of what a half-marathon looks like, I’ve mapped out my training course from the East End to uptown at Sheppard/Don Mills. Aye carumba!!!

Half-Marathon Training Route

I’m doing this for all the kitties in Toronto that needs a loving home and you can help! Any contribution is needed and much appreciated! (More info from a previous post). We need more success stories! The 100,000 homeless, abandoned, sick or injured kitties in Toronto need your support!


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